Hi there, welcome to www.speakergrills.co.uk. I make grills for loudspeakers in case you hadn't guessed. The speaker grills I make tend to fall into two categories, either steel mesh for pro audio cabinets, or accoustic foam for classic HIFi speakers. Sometimes they cross over and I have made steel grills for HiFi speakers, generally for cat owners or for people whose kids have pokey fingers. On the other hand some of my pro audio customers like a layer of accoustic foam on their steel grills. It adds extra protection by keeping dust out and as a rain guard for outside gigs.


Pro Audio Steel Speaker Grills

I can make either simple flat grills, or I have a fiolding machine which can produce "Box pan grills". The box pan type have 90 degree folded returns on all four sides. There is a third alternative, where the grill has just two sides folded and of course that is no problem either. I can supply them unpainted for you to spray yourself, or there is an option to have them powder coated. More about steel speaker grills>>

Pro audio steel speaker grills

Classic HiFi Accoustic Foam Grills

I regularly make foam grills for Linn Sara, Naim IBL and Naim SBL speakers and have accurate templates to make these from. I have also made foam grills for other makes and models on a one off basis. Contact me with your requirements. More about foam speaker grills >>

Classic hifi foam speaker grills for Linn Sara and Naim IBL and Naim SBL


The first thing to do is drop me an email with the size and quantity that you require. It's VERY IMPORTANT that you supply me with accurate dimensions so please read the next part carefully. Please understand that I have to cut to the perforated pattern and will ALWAYS cut slightly undersize. Therefore to get the best possible fit you should supply the EXACT dimensions of the aperture. I can't stress this enough. DON'T make any allowances for fitting..... let me do that.

email: markieh@btopenworld.com

My quote will include shipping, and although I do ship around Europe most of my customers are in the UK so please let me know where you are. If you don't I'll assume that you are in mainland UK and will quote shipping accordingly.

If you are happy with the quote then you can pay by pay-pal or bank transfer. Details will be in the quote. I normally dispatch grills within 5 working days of cleared payment.


If you would like to check out my work there are a couple of places to look:

1) For pro audio steel speaker grills look on forum.speakerplans.com where I've been a member for years. I've made grills for hundreds of forum members and you'll find me recommended on many occaisions. Search the forum for "speaker grills" and you're bound to come up with my name. Quite apart from anything else you'll find the forum and site a great resource for P.A. info.

2) For foam hifi speaker grills try Ebay where my handle is "itsmarkie" Ebay Feedback You'll find plenty of positive feedback.